Mbrico Tile Decks

Mbrico tile decks have earned a reputation as one of the leading porcelain tile decking materials in the world due to their incredible toughness, resistance to heat, frost & rain, and Mbrico’s extremely low maintenance requirements.

Mbrico offers the elegance and craftsmanship of a luxury Italian material while providing superior toughness, weight resistance and longevity not found in many other decking options. Mbrico is offered in over 60 color and pattern options that can compliment any interior or exterior home design, including modern, rustic, contemporary or traditional aesthetics.

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Mbrico Tile Deck Close Up

Weather Resistant

Gray Mbrico Tile Deck

Low Maintenance

Black Mbrico Tile Deck

Easy Installation

Outdoor Porcelain Tile Deck

While there are many outdoor porcelain tile deck options on the market, Mbrico is by far the most popular and reliable brand. Homeowners in the Pacific Northwest prefer Mbrico because it is highly resistant to the elements. 

Mbrico deck tiles are frost resistant, anti-slip, flame resistant and are great at reflecting heat. Certain colors of Mbrico tile can reach a reflectance index of up to 80%, which means the tile stays cool to the touch even after being exposed to sunlight for hours on end.

Compared to other luxury decking materials such as hardwood, Mbrico is much easier to install, which might lead to significant savings on labor. Mbrico is designed for easy installation without the use of advanced tools or unsightly grout. 

Mbrico tile is designed to compliment any style of railing. Our expert design team can combine the timeless charm of Mbrico Italian porcelain with our stainless steel railing, crystal railing, aluminum railing or any other material to bring out the unique beauty of your home.  

Low Maintenance Decking

Mbrico porcelain tile decks are a low maintenance decking option beloved for their stunning craftsmanship, easy installation and numerous color choices that compliment any interior or exterior design.

There is no special maintenance required to keep your Mbrico deck looking as gorgeous as the day it was installed. Homeowners love that there is no sealing, staining or seasonal treatment required. Mbrico porcelain tile is backed by an industry-leading warranty and is mold and moss resistant, making Mbrico an ideal decking material for our rainy Western Washington climate.

Mbrico surfaces are ADA-approved skid resistant and textured to help prevent slips and falls, even when the deck is wet. Mbrico tile decks are also stain and smudge resistant.

Mbrico Tile Deck with Patio Cover

Endless Possibilities

Imagine yourself relaxing after a hard day on one of these beautiful Master Decks designed decks. Our team has created more than 250 beautiful, relaxing deck experiences and we would love for your deck to be our next project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mbrico Tile Decking

Mbrico is a high quality Italian porcelain stoneware tile that is highly resistant to the elements and ADA-approved skid resistant. Mbrico is offered in over 60 color and pattern options, and in plank or large format tiles that are designed to fit in any space. 

Although Mbrico tile decks are easier to install than some other decking materials you will need to work with a qualified carpenter such as MasterDecks. Our team will evaluate your existing framing to see if it complies with Mbrico’s installation requirements. We can also help you understand the steps to building a new deck if you do not already have one. Contact us for a quote today. 

Mbrico is a versatile and slip-resistant material that can be used for many indoor and outdoor applications. Many homeowners will coordinate the color of their Mbrico tile decks with Mbrico that has been installed in the interior of their home, or surrounding their pool. 

Contact the tile decking professionals at MasterDecks to explore the many color and style options offered by Mbrico!

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