Does a Deck Add Value to A Home?

Arial view of cedar deck

August 12, 2021

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We can all appreciate additional outdoor space that’s cozy and well-maintained, but how does it add value to your home? Our professionals at MasterDecks disclose insight that may help affirm the value of your existing deck or convince you to get one installed. Let’s explore how a well-made deck can maximize your home value. 

Square Footage Expanded

Believe it or not, a deck, whether enclosed or not, can add square footage to your home when done correctly. It’s not just an outdoor space unless you DIY bricks on the ground to function as a simple patio. If your goal is to increase square footage of your home, you might consider adding a deck, which will cost substantially less than a fully-enclosed room. The average range of adding a 20 x 20 square foot room costs around $32,000-$80,000. Carefully consider your deck idea to expand the square footage of your home, which in turn could add value to it.  

Money-Back at Sale?

Recouping the cost of installing any deck idea depends on the material, features, and condition of the deck. For example, a wood deck costs around $13,000. The resale value for a well-maintained wood deck is around $10,000, which means homeowners recoup around 75% of the cost. Inevitably, the resale value will decrease if your deck is rundown and looks like a potential safety hazard. Our professionals at MasterDecks suggest re-staining wood every two to three years and keeping up with maintaining a solid-looking deck in order to maximize recouping the cost of your deck.

Millennial home-buyers are seeking houses with porches and decks, market research has shown. While a well-made deck itself can add value with this demand, the view from it by having well-maintained landscape and a cozy atmosphere will maximize its value.

MasterDecks has over 25 years of combined decking experience. Our team can help design and install your dream outdoor experience by creating a deck that maximizes its added value to your home. Our company can help support your dream by scaling your vision to implement deck railing, a patio cover, an outdoor kitchen and other design features that will accentuate the coziness of your outdoor deck space. By understanding the outdoor vision of your home, we can help create a solid foundation for you to build upon as your budget allows. We even offer financing options that can make your outdoor dream experience a reality.

We invite you to view our client gallery of decks, or contact us if you live in the greater Seattle area for a free quote at (425) 243-0396 

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