Composite Decking

Looking for a decking material that can withstand the test of time and nearly eliminate the need for maintenance? Composite decking is an ideal choice for homeowners who want the appearance of a wood deck without the hassle of upkeep or the threat of rot and decay.

Composite decking comes in countless styles and grains, including textured grain, embossed grain, weathered wood and many other textures that can simulate the appearance of wood decking. Composite materials are also ideal for homeowners seeking an aesthetic alternative to wood, or who want a more industrial or modern appearance. Composite decking is offered in numerous colors, or can be painted to suit your design needs.

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Benefits of
Composite Decking

One of the greatest benefits of composite decking is the reduced maintenance required to keep the deck clean and functioning. A simple spray from your garden hose once or twice a year will do the trick! Wood decks require yearly or bi-yearly upkeep including bleaching, staining and coating.

Composite decking offers long lasting durability without the threat of fading or splintering. Composite materials do not rot or attract insects, and can be manufactured in longer lengths, which may simplify construction.

Composite Deck with Cable Style Rails
Composite Deck with Cable Railing

Natural Wood

Gray Composite Decks

Modern Silver

Silver Composite Decking


Composite Decking Material

Contrary to popular belief composite decking boards are eco-friendly and typically consist of recycled materials. Reclaimed plastic is mixed with wood fibers, bamboo or other fillers to create a composite decking material that is long-lasting and ensures harmful plastics stay out of landfills for years to come. Composite decks are resistant to fading and mold, and are usually faster to install than other materials because of their convenient interlocking construction.

Composite Decking Colors

Looking for a decking material with the most amount of color options? Look no further than composite decking. There are countless composite decking colors on the market, with each brand or manufacturer offering their own unique take on grain, style and hue.

Homeowners seeking a natural or wood-like appearance have a choice of any shade ranging from natural light wood to dark brown or red tones. If your home has an industrial or modern look, consider silver, black or even a dramatic red to compliment your home’s aesthetic.

Trex Composite Decking

Trex is a leading composite decking brand that has earned a reputation for its eco-friendly construction (95% recycled materials) and numerous color and grain options. Trex composite decking is known for its durability and guarantee that it won’t rot, warp, split or crack. Trex decking is stain and fade resistant, and an ideal low maintenance decking option. Trex also manufactures matching railing for a truly unique look. 

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Endless Possibilities

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Frequently Asked Questions about Composite Decking

Cleaning your composite deck is easy and only needs to be done once or twice a year. To clean, spray your deck with a garden hose to remove any surface debris such as needles, droppings or pollen.

Use a mild soap and water mixture and gently brush the deck with a soft bristle outdoor broom. 

Finally, rinse the deck once more to remove any soapy residue and let dry.

Yes, you can paint composite decking, though many premium brands such as Trex are designed to maintain their brightness and color without the need to touch up or repaint. If you change your mind and want a new color down the road, there are many composite paint products on the market to give your composite deck a new hue.

Composite decking is made of recycled or reclaimed plastic and proprietary fillers such as wood fillers, bamboo fillers, PVC and other chemicals and materials. Composite decking is eco-friendly and helps keep harmful plastics out of landfills.

The lifespan of your composite decking will depend on the individual manufacturer or brand, but high end brands such as Trex can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years with very minimal upkeep. Composite decking can be more expensive than pine or other wooden decking, but a long lifespan and high durability make composite decking a smart long term investment.

The experienced design pros at Master Decks can help you design a composite deck that enhances your home’s exterior and is built to weather even the toughest climates and conditions.

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